Private or dedicated proxies with high speed

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What is private proxy?

Private proxy or Dedicated proxy is provided for only one customer. This proxy is high speed proxy. If you buy 100 private proxies you will get 100 different IPs. These IPs are fixed and you can only change to new IPs at the end of the month when you pay for new month.

What kind of proxies in this packet?

These proxies are HTTPS proxies

What are locations of these proxies?

All proxies from United States and Canada

How many computers can use my purchased proxies?

You can use proxies on all computers that are in the same internet line

How to Pay?

You can pay with Paypal directly on each proxy package. If you want to pay with other payment methods please contact us


Orders are processed instantly and activated in the order that we receive them. An activation email will be sent with all of the necessary information to get started when your proxies have been activated.


The proxies are authenticated with your IP address. You will have access to a proxy control panel where you can modify your authorized IP instantly. Username/password authentication is available on request.


We currently have several locations around the United States, Canada and Viet Nam. Locations are added frequently. If proxy location is important please send an inquiry to see if it is available.


If you need a custom order or have any questions please contact our sales department by clicking Contact Us button, we will be happy to help you.

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